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Scott Reef

Scott Reef

Scott Reef is 240m North of Broome, we can operate there anytime between August and November with the later months generally being the best weather.  Charters to Scott Reef are set as a 9 day itinerary.

The Scott Reef system is made up of a large pear shaped atoll with inside access and a horseshoe shaped atoll just 4 miles south.  The total area is roughly 20 nautical miles long and 15 miles across.  Due to its remote location the reef system is seldom fished for pelagic species.  It is a place where you have to expect the unexpected.

Suggested Itinerary

Following is a suggested 9 day itinerary for your fishing adventure.  As you will see below this gives you 8 nights on the boat and 7 full days of a variety of fishing.

  • Day 1: Depart Broome around 4pm
  • Day 2: Arrive Marlin Grounds early and fish all day for Marlin as we travel towards Scott Reef. Arrive at Scott Reef mid afternoon for either a troll or popper session.
  • Days 3 – 7: Fish at Scott Reef

(Target species will be Dogtooth Tuna, Sailfish, Broadbill, Yellowfin, Wahoo, GT’s, Red Bass, Coral Trout, Humphead Maori Wrasse, and many more reef species. During these days we will use a number of different fishing tactics including trolling, jigging, baits, popper fishing, lures and drifting. Other activities during this time will include snorkelling, swimming and eating. During the week depending on weather there will be 1 night broadbill fishing included.)

  • Day 8: Early morning popper session, Depart Scott Reef around 0930 and Marlin Fish until dark.
  • Day 9: Arrive in Broome during the morning

Fishing All the Way

  • We tow our 2 dinghies to Scott Reef, so there will be a mixture of fishing from Reel Teaser and sessions from the dinghies. Whilst towing the dinghies to and from the reef we are able to run marlin lures off one side. All charters to Scott Reef will include a variety of fishing as mentioned above. You will have the opportunity to fish during the night at anchor as well as during the day.


  • For full booking terms and conditions and costs please refer to the Charter Prices page.