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Rowley Shoals

The Edge of Continental Shelf

Located on the edge of the Continental Shelf, some 168 nautical miles due west of Broome, the Rowley Shoals are a series of 3 coral atolls that rise from the depths, to form the most perfect shelf atoll in the southern hemisphere – if not the world.  The Rowley Shoals is a Marine Park and is jointly managed by DPaW and Fisheries.

Moorings are available both within the protection of Clerke Reef and on the outer edges of both Clerke & Imperieuse Reefs, which provide a calm and idyllic base for our fishing and snorkeling activities. Fishing at the Rowley Shoals is excellent. You will have the opportunity to try numerous different styles of fishing including trolling, jigging, lure and popper fishing.

Fishing Adventures at the Rowley Shoals

  • Outside the atoll’s we target both heavy & light tackle game fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo & Trevally. Depending on weather we can also target heavy tackle Broadbill Swordfish at night.  Popper fishing on the outer edge of the reef targets a number of different reef species including coral trout, GT’s, Jobfish, Red Bass, Emperors and Cods.
  • Inside the atoll’s we target light tackle sports fishing species such as coral trout, long nosed emperors, red bass, trevally’s and cod. For all fishing inside Clerke atoll we use barbless hooks and practice catch and release. There are some sensational snorkeling sites at Clerke and Imperiuse Reefs. Huge schools of colourful reef fish are to be seen and big fish too… including Wrasse, Shark and the friendly Giant Potato Cod. The visibility can be an amazing 60 – 70 metres.

Timing the Trip

  • Due to its locality weather does play an important role in these trips.  We recommend trips from August to December.
  • Trips are a minimum 7 day itinerary but can be extended for more serious anglers.
    We generally leave Broome in the afternoon, steam out and arrive at the Shoals the following morning.
  • You will then spend 5 – 10 days fishing and snorkelling in and around the atoll’s. We then leave in the afternoon and return to Broome the following morning.
  • We do recommend that you make your return flights flexible or book them for a few days after the trip is due to finish, just in case we get held up due to bad weather. We can take a maximum of 6 passengers.


  • For full booking terms and conditions and costs please refer to the Charter Prices page.